I delicate this thread to thanks those for whose images I use to make Mysidia's forum Styles/Skins/Themes, especially the pictures which I use for the banners.
Unlike most other forums I'd like to credit the people who really make the pictures, after all it's they're work I am using.

First of all huge thanks to two friends of mine from deviantART Crayon Chewer and AutummsFall. Especially CC, whose work who I've plugged several times to make signatures and tags!

I credit them the most as the Johto Starters from Johto Beginnings and the Shaymin and Skymin from Flower Paradise belong to CC, and the sleeping Leafeon from Lazy Leafeon are from them.

If you guys have deviantART accounts I highly recommend you guys follow them! I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Will credit here anyone elses images we use of this forum.

Also for the theme Cookie Thieves all images belong to me!