The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Nemesis

The Seas raged with waves, the skies roared with thunder, and the land spewed earthquakes. The Great Sea was becoming unstable. The being that caused all this chaos was none other than Shadow Ganon, who had survived Link's wrath, and since Link was off on other quests, Ganon was free to do as he pleased. With his freedom, he created phantoms of every great warrior in The Great Sea and used them as minions. The only safe places seemed to be Dragon Roost, Outset and Windfall, and they too are close to being destroyed. It is up to you, a great warrior to stop your phantom and unite with the other warriors to stop Shadow Ganon.

Race: (You may use Zora and Goron if you want to.)
Character Biography/Description:
Battle Style: (Weapons, accessories, etc.)