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Thread: The Pokémon Mysidia Rules

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    Default The Pokémon Mysidia Rules

    Pokémon Mysidia Rules

    Pokémon Mysidia may not have as strict rules as large communities, but breaking a rule or rules can result serious outcomes. If you're a new member on this forum, then please make sure you read the rules carefully before you start posting new messages. They will help you get used to this forum. Non-staff members must agree on the forum rules before making posts at Pokémon Mysidia.

    SPAMs will not be tolerated.

    Posting SPAMs here in Pokémon Mysidia is absolutely not allowed. SPAM is anything considered unnecessary or off topic (Example; If the topic is on Cheese and you post "I like pie!", that is considered a SPAM). You may be warned or infracted if you keep going off topic in certain threads. SPAM is considered to us as Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages, if you did not know. Do not post SPAMs.

    Flaming and/or trolling are not allowed.

    Flaming is posting insulting or rude comments. (Example; "I hate you! Just go away, no one wants you here!" That's an example of flaming).
    Trolling is a lot like flaming, except trolls do it on purpose, just to "have fun", and it deals more with insulting the topic and not so much the topic owner. ("That map sucks, the rocks are in horrible positions, the houses are all wrong, and don't get me started on the river!" Is a mild example of trolling). Please refrain from trolling and flaming. You may, however, mess around or flirt your friends here, but please don't go over the limit.

    Know the difference between criticizing and flaming.

    There is a difference between flaming and criticizing. This is rather important for members who are artists, writers, musicians or game developers.
    The main way to explain this rule is through an example:
    Constructive Criticism, "Your map is good, but I think if you positioned the rocks a little farther apart it would look a lot better!"
    Flaming, "What are you, stupid?! The rocks are practically on top of each other! Its ugly and just plain retarded!"

    Posting advertisements not allowed.

    Advertising your own forums, websites, or blogs is not allowed on Pokémon Mysidia, as it always is on most online communities. Linking to other forums, websites, or blogs in your post is also considered advertising, and is looked on as trying to deture members from the forum the link is being posted on. Advertising using Private Messages is forbidden here, and you will receive an instant infraction if you try. The only place you're allowed to advertise is in the Advertisement forum if we happen to have one, in your homepage link (located in your profile), or in your signature.

    Reviving an old thread is not allowed.

    Posting in a topic where the last recorded post is three months or older is called necroposting or thread reviving, and should not occur as the topic is obviously dead. You can remake this thread by starting it up again only if it hasn't been posted in three months or older. You may also, however, receive permission from a Staff Member to revive a specific thread at times.

    Do not harass other mysidians.

    Repeatedly Private Messaging a member, posting the same thing over and over again in a certain member's threads, or even putting something derogatory toward a member is considered harassment. Just stop and let it be if someone refuses to talk to you, time is the best treatment for hatred/animosity. If you feel that you are being harassed, you should immediately contact a staff member.

    Important Notes

    1: You will be warned/infracted for breaking any of the rules above.
    2: It does not matter if you break a rule, and claim you've "accidentally" broke it. You'll receive an infraction for it.
    3: Giving reasons of why you've broken a rule, for example "I've forgot to read this rule!", will not be accepted.
    4: Member promotion to staff is selected. If you are a good member towards other members and staff then you may get promoted. Asking to be staff through VM and PM is prohibited and you will be warned.

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    Other Rules & Guidelines

    Here are some section-specific rules and guidelines that you would like to read before you post in those section(s). This post will be updated occasionally with new links to other rules & guidelines, so please revisit this thread regularly, and reread this post to keep track of the updates.

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