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Thread: Newcomer Center Rules

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    Default Newcomer Center Rules

    I think it's about time some specific rules were created for the Newcomer Center. The rules are really quite simple:

    • You may create a thread for yourself if you are a new member who joined within the last month, or if you have been inactive for two or more months.

    • You may not create a thread if you are returning from a ban.

    • You will not create a thread notifying members that you are either leaving the site or are going to be inactive. A thread for that already exists in the Other Chat section of the forum.

    • Welcome threads are for welcoming and briefly introducing new members. If you want to start a proper discussion with a member, take it to VMs or PMs. Any off topic discussion will be treated as spam and you will be warned/infracted as necessary.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to VM or PM me.
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