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    Default Work in Progress~!

    I just found this one not long ago and had completely forgot about it, but I think it has some kind of umph to it that makes it feel like I could do something nice with it~! So I dug it out and have decided to post it for some possible feedback on how to continue it~! :D It's based off of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and characters may need to be looked up for reference XD So here it is~!

    She is seated, relaxing against a plush couch as I sat behind my easel, painting outher features. For a young woman, I can only assume early to mid-twenties, she possesses a vast amount of confidence. She is completely nude. She has only her hands as a form of censor. This woman is a close friend of mine, Anony.

    I look to my painting as I apply a few more strokes of paint to put a final touch on the painting. The young woman on the couch, leans her head on her shoulder sweetly, almost dreamlike, as I give a sigh. She’s smiling, almost as if she’s asking for my opinion.

    “Madonna, would you like a break?” I ask her as I place my pallet and brush down on aside table, wiping my hands clean with a small rag. I placed the rag back downon the table when my hands are spot free.

    She doesn’t speak much. I only assume she’s shy, despite her confidence. She smiles softly as she leans her head on her fist, nodding slightly as I approach herwith a robe that is much too big for her petite frame.

    I take her by the hand as I assist her from the couch, placing the robe around her bare body. She pulls the robe around her body, pushing up the sleeves slightly so that she may use her hands. “How does it look?” she asks quietly, looking in the direction of the canvas.

    I smile at her, “It is coming along very well. But it is not done yet.” She paces about the room slowly as a thought pulls at my mind. Not so much a thought, a question, “Anony, why did you allow me to paint you in your most vulnerable state?”

    She stops mid-step. “Leonardo,” she starts softly, “I’ve been stuck here for ages because Ezio won’t allow me to leave in my condition.” She approaches me, stopping when she’s at a more suitable talking distance, “In this time, I’ve laid awake countless times trying to find something to do to pass the time. I know you use live human references for your art sometimes. When you asked me to be a model for you, I was going to do it no matter the demand.”

    “You do pay attention,” I say slowly, carefully choosing my words. The words disappearfrom my mind as I watch her approach the north window of my workshop. A thought seems to be lingering in her features.

    She remains silent, the expression melting from her features in a few moments. I approach her slowly, glancing out the window momentarily. “Before you were reeled into being an assassin,” I start, breaking the lingering silence, “What did you want to do with your life?”

    She looks at me with a humored smile. “This might sound childish,” she laughs, “but all I ever wanted as a child was to get married and live a humble life.” Her smile fades slightly, “My chance of that has greatly decreased though.” She’s smiling, but her eyes say otherwise.

    I watch her gestures carefully, evaluating their value. “Why do you say that?” I ask as she takes off the robe and lies back on the couch.

    She sighs softly, “Who would want to marry a murderer?” An almost sarcastic and humorous tone fell over her words.

    I chuckle lightheartedly. “Don’t put it into those terms, Anony,” I say as Ireturn to the place I was seated previously, taking my brush in my left hand and my pallet in my right. “Besides, you’re a woman who is young and beautiful with a wonderful personality. I’m almost certain that any man that really got to know you would fall head over heels for you in no time at all,” I say reassuringly as I start brushing paint on the canvas once more.

    Her face turns a soft pink color as she nibbles onto her bottom lip, “You are too kind, Leonardo.” She smiles sheepishly once more. After a moment, she glances back in the direction of the window. With a sigh, she expresses the thought that’s been playing with her mind, “Leo, I’m dying.”

    I stop painting. My eyes lock onto hers, looking for any kind of foolery. Her eyes though, tell no lies. I’m dumbfounded. I almost do not know what to say or do. “I’m…I’m so sorry,” I whisper as my eyes linger on the paint on my pallet. “Anony,”I whisper, “Please, if you are ever in need of any help, don’t hesitate to ask me. You may stay here if you would like.”

    Her eyes tear up slightly as my words reach her, “Thank you Leonardo. I still have time though, at least a year, but when the time comes, I will return to Roma to be with my siblings and son.”

    I smile sympathetically for her. I always wondered about the concept of death, but I couldn’t help to feel my heart wrench knowing that I could lose her at any moment. I continue to paint for a few moments as the words form in my mind,“You’re feeling well now, right?”

    A knocking came at the door of the workshop, startling her slightly. I sigh, “The painting won’t be finished today, I guess.” I place the pallet down on thetable and the brush in a small glass of water as Anony puts the robe back on.“Go ahead and get dressed, Anony. I’ll take care of the company,” I say enthusiastically as I approach the door.

    When I’m sure she’s upstairs in her bedroom, I open the door, “Ezio?” The usual assassin had returned from a lengthy mission and he was looking well worn and ready for rest. “What a pleasant surprise,” I say, welcoming him inside.

    He walks in and plops into a chair, “Long time no see, Leonardo. How is Anony?” He stands again, restless, removing his sword and dagger from his belt and placing them on the table.

    “She is well. She’s been walking around the workshop every now and again, but I can’t help feeling that she’s a little bored being stuck here on your order,” I say slowly. “We’re lucky she is as obedient as she comes across as.”

    He breathes a sigh, “That’s a relief. I cannot thank you enough for keeping a close watch on her health.”

    “It has been my pleasure,” I say nervously as he starts to wander near the canvas.

    His eyes wander the length of the drying paint. “She’s beautiful,” he whispers as he folds his arms across his chest.

    I walk to his side, folding my hands behind my back. “Thank you, Ezio,” I say as I feel sweat breaking out on my skin, hoping he doesn’t recognize her.

    His eyes explore the painting for a few more seconds before he turns to me, “Where is Anony?”

    “Right this way,” I say as I start walking in the direction of the stairwell. “She’s been resting in my guest room,” I say as I guide the way up a flight of stairs.Her bedroom is the only room to the right. It’s small, containing a twin size bed, a dresser, and an armoire.

    When Ezio and I enter the room, Anony is laying, falsely asleep. She is fully clothed in an oversized button up shirt; the robe is completely out of sight.

    I stand at the doorway as Ezio goes closer to the young woman. He stands still beside her momentarily before he leans down, wrapping his hand behind her head and placing a kiss to her forehead. He sits beside her on the small stool beside the bed as he takes her small hand in his rather large in comparison hands. He kisses her knuckles sweetly as he brushes his cheek against her fingers.

    He runs his fingers through her hair, pulling loose strands from her face. “Why did this happen to you?” I hear him whisper to her as he kisses her cheeks.
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