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  1. Snarks is in a University

    Wow! It's been a while! Between my last blog entry and now, I graduated high school and started going to college. It's really weird to be on my own, but it's also refreshing. I no longer feel awful when I wake up in the morning because I'm anxious about attending school. I'm in a new place with new people who are just like me and it's exhilarating! I'm currently a Music Business major and playing in my college's marching band (meaning I pretty much lose my weekends). I also pre-ordered Pokemon Omega ...
  2. hmmmmm.....

    Hey Guys!

    So it's been about two months since my last entry! January through the second week of February were beyond amazing as far as activities (all my honor bands were in that time span) go! I had a great time having one last hurrah at all these wonderful honor bands with all kinds of wonderful musicians!

    In more music news, I've been working on a clarinet solo for contest and I received a superior rating at district and am going to be playing the solo again for state ...
  3. Wow!

    Okay, so it's been a while since this forum was last up! I have lots of exciting updates though!

    So last we were together, I was getting ready for marching band! My school decided on taking a more serious approach to marching band and attend a state marching contest. My school didn't place, but I've never been more stoked to be in a marching band! Being a drum major was also the greatest time I've ever had as well!

    This past winter, I had my last coronation concert. At ...
  4. Well...

    It's been a crazy past couple of weeks for me. I've been in and out of the band room helping my directors get ready for this year's marching season (preparing music and flip folders, cleaning up the uniform room in preparation for the new uniforms, etc) all while I was also practicing my music for band camp.

    I attended my annual music (band) camp last week and it was truly lackluster. I finally made it into the top band, but the music was waaaaay easy in comparison to the music I had ...
  5. I just need a place to put my thoughts.

    As of this moment in time (June 11, 2013), I am on summer break leading into my senior year of high school. That last year that every student yearns for when starting high school. I was that student who didn't ever want it to get here (I know, I'm so weird), but I'm ready to face it.

    I'm afraid of it. "What if I'm not ready?" That thought crossed my mind so many times throughout high school, but that's what held me back. I spent 3 years finding myself and making mistakes ...
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