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  1. Happier times~!

    So, I know that not many people are apt to read this, but whatevs~! I got tired of constantly coming across what went wrong. Maybe people will read this, maybe people won't. I'm so grateful though that this forum was here for me though.

    I haven't really gotten to talk to any of my old forum friends lately, so I just wanted to update everyone of what all has, and will be going down as I finish of my Junior year of high school and step foot into Senior year!

    As the majority ...
  2. Mysidia Breakdown: A comprehensive review over past mistakes in staff promotion

    Well it is been a while that I remained silent over the past few months of what happened on this place. It used to be active and prosperous, but what we have left now is nothing but an empty shell. So heartrending to let this place go like this, when you know things could've ended up completely differently.

    I keep the forum open, even after I have officially announced the end of an era. There were memories that I could not erase, especially those good ones. I've been thinking about ...
  3. Summer so I'm back :D

    I just finished exams not to long ago so it's currently summer here! So shall be on here a lot more :D
  4. Inactively Back!

    College has been pressing me like Dazza's pancakes, especially with all that clusterfuck of math in my head. Luckily, I've managed to find some time for rest, Disgaea 4, PSX, malling with friends, and Facebooking for almost every day, every night.

    Something wasn't right, though. Even with all these clusterfun, I felt like something was missing from my days. So what I did was to get back to old days and reminisce my high school past.

    The reminiscing was nostalgic, ...
  5. (S)he's back..?

    dazza, you're my little angel (second little angel) , n ur finally back!
    we all figured you blockd us or lost internet but i know the truth..
    DaZzA: i was eatan and really
    DaZzA: nowhere in particular
    he was eatian n really nowhere in particular.
    just wanted to clear that up.

    while u were gone we all pretended to be you n only one who registed the name was trashtnt n then youcome back day affter??/
    i mean i even remade your gym team n stuff just ...
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