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  1. Narrated Battle Video

    My channel

    Video" width="644" height="390">" />Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click">here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.
  2. Faxing Berlin.

    1. Put your iTunes, windows media player, etc., on shuffle.

    2. For each question, press next to get your answer.

    3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.

    4. Tag 15 people in your note that you want to do this activity. NO.

    If someone says "Are you okay" you say?
    Insanity [502]
    No, I'm not okay, I'm EFFING INSANE. :P

    How would you describe yourself?
    The Hider [VersaEmerge] ...
  3. A very simple concept.

    Ok, sometimes in life, you say one thing, and something else happens. Maybe you forget or you get backed up, or even fall asleep on the job, I get it.

    But when someone asks you for information regarding a certain aspect, and includes a stipulation like "Don't do this!" or "Make it from here!" like if they asked for information like Events from Mysidia you've participated in, don't you think you wouldn't go and bring up something else? To me, it's easy enough, and ...
  4. blogs of doooooom <3

    So I get incredibly bored, right? SO. I've got some things to ask you guys.

    1. Should I do blogs about a topic, which you guys recommend the next topic for in the comments?

    2. Should I do vlogs (on PokéTube) and reveal my ugly face to you guys on a regular basis? :D

    3. If I were to post Minecraft commentaries on PokéTube, would you guys watch them?
  5. Am I the Leader whose Leadership Fails?

    Last Thursday in our time, we had a sport managing project, and it was our turn. I thought that the game would become smooth and slow but steady, but I didn't expect it to get THIS fast and rough. I thought that our game was a complete failure, and from what we've seen frpom the results, it really is.

    We've prepared for our game to full blast, but never really expected that game to get this fast. After a meddling 20 minutes (we occupy the WHOLE 50 minutes and we made them wait until ...
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