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  1. Well since I keep this place open, it sure has a few old members visiting every now and then. People can be nostalgic you know, though I may as well disable user registration again since all I see from latest registration are spammers(luckily, they cant activate their accounts so they cant post trash XD).

    Its the beginning of another week, so makes sense. Why would you be lucky if spring break was earlier? Any reasons behind that? I relaxed quite a bit during the first half of spring break, though I kept myself busy going over schoolwork and my PHP script project.

    Well engineering does seem quite popular among guys, although the gals are catching up gradually with time. Competition was not that intense for my undergraduate school, I usually study half as much as most of my classmates and still get A's(there are 2-3 super intelligent people that I cannot catch up with anyway even if I worked harder, so no need trying). Now I am at Bojjenclon's University, which is much more competitive, you cant slack off and hope to get good grades. You can never say that though, maybe someday you will understand engineering well, just like how computer science/programming suddenly clicked for me in my junior year. XD

    You can definitely do that, hopefully someone with the name Carnelia will pop up. Maybe its you? jk.

    umm its definitely not good, but since it can be worse so I am fine the way it is. I am not that confident that it can get much better though, there are so many things you cant do anything about in this life. High school? Trust me it will be one of the most enjoyable moments in your life when you look back at it 10-20 years later, especially the freshmen and sophomore year(same can be said for college). And you're enrolled in colleges already? How did it go? Did you get to your dream school?
  2. I'm very busy!! This upcoming week is going to be one of my busiest yet!! Ugh! I just want to get through it and be done and have a little more freedom XD Don't worry about infrequency! I know Carna will be back sometime, anytime~! :D also, AE and I have started a new online forum to kind of reincarnate Mysidia, if you're interested in joining, I can send you some linkies~! :D ugh, I know how you feel about having too much on your plate! I was doing good until I passed onto state for my solo, now I'm stressing out trying to get that thing ready along with keep my physics and ap lang grades up to par!! Oh! Have you gotten any acceptance letters back~? :D
    Haha, I'm glad you like it! It's always been my motto or what I tell people when they talk to me about others saying foul things about them XD I just tell them that and they be all like "you know what? you're totally right!" XD

    I've actually never tried the pies from mcdonald's XD I don't really want to either XD they never have sounded very pleasant!!
    Sad fact, I don't really get much into religion, but I know something or someone was telling me that I needed to make a change this week, so I did, and now, I'm feeling better.
  3. Its okay Carnelia, I am so glad to know you are still around, though not active. XD

    Spring break for you now? Lucky, I had spring break about 2 weeks ago, it was fun and relaxing.

    Yeah engineering, thats a complex topic dont you think so? And indeed, Carnelia is a nice name, I did not know it was actually a given name before, its just not common lol.

    For me? Life has always been the same, crap! lol. Actually it hasnt been that bad, I am a bit busy in college but thats what a graduate student is supposed to be. How about you though? High school must have worn you out.
  4. Haha, It's going to be the best year I've had~! :D I'm just work work workin'~! and I'm not stop stop stoppin'~! XD Haha, no need to apologize~! and 2013 is being kind to me c: I've succeeded in a lot of things, I've learned from a lot of others and so on~! I'm going to state for my clarinet solo and I'm the only person going from my school~! and the honor bands I had in January-February were memorable and worthwhile~! How has 2013 been to you? and once again, it's okay XD I do the same thing every now and again~!
    haha well said~! I do enjoy the few people I have who are truly considered friends~! :D Haters be motivaters~!

    it really depends on the maker of the apple pie for me~! I love apple pie, but not the store brand ones, but I hate cherry pie in general XD You phrased that last part so right and so well~! I'm going to use that~! :D you just gave me a new perspective~!
  5. Eh, I can't really complain about Chanukah too much I guess. We celebrate it. We just finished it in fact, the last night was yesterday. -puts wax in my ears- The siren song will not take me this day! lol It wasn't lame, I liked the reference. :3 Wow, how have you managed to avoid IM clients and social media altogether? I avoided getting an FB for a long time, but eventually I caved. TBH, I don't really like FB. I use it because that's where most of my friends are. I prefer IM and email. That's true, you can be confident without being arrogant. It's just a slippery slope. You have to be careful with it.

    lol True, very true. It's funny how some concepts are used over and over. You don't even notice the receptiveness until they've been pointed out most of the time. Then once you've seen it, you start to see it everywhere. >_< Yeah, you better not ask. I'll roll up on a fool and pop a cap in they as-e_e Sorry, my inner gangster came out for a second there.
    Yeah, Kataang I was fine with. Their relationship seemed a bit more... realistic, I guess. I feel like the writers tried so hard to be original in other areas that they tried to save time and energy by going with a more generic love story. Which is a shame. Yeah, the last episode was kind of ruined for me by the Makorra crap. :/

    My computer used to be in the living room (as a result of a punishment >_<). I hated it. I couldn't wait for it to be back in my room (where it is now).
    We're talking about the government... We must be cautious... They're watching... Always watching... O_O

    I could see how manga could be more convenient. Each "book" is typically shorter to read than watching an episode of an anime is. And you can always bookmark a page and come back. Pausing an anime doesn't always work very well. I only use memes IRL if I know my friends will get it. Otherwise people look at me like I'm crazy. :P It's not really a meme, but my personal catchphrase of sorts is, "This is why I'm single." Whenever I do or say something weird, I tend to say that phrase. I say it mostly as a joke, but there's a certain amount of truth to it. xD

    Yep! Good writing is key in RPing. How I started? -thinks- Well I've always liked pretending. I used to play pretend a lot as a kid. Then when I started playing video games, RPGs quickly became my favorite genre. So creative writing and stuff like that kind of came naturally. I think my first major RP occurred in a forum for an old RMXP game I was working on. One of my team members was into RPing, and he started an RP up. That RP was huge; I'm working on saving it all ATM. I'm going to save it and then fix it up a bit so I can post it on my DA. I've slacked a little lately, just because there's a lot to it and it takes a while to copy it all. It was a really good RP though. That's what got me hooked on RPing. Interestingly enough, my RPs tend to go along a similar path every time. They start out more action oriented, with lots of combat and stuff. Then my character gets a love interest and it becomes more of a romantic-action-drama. I just really like RPing romance and drama I guess. xD
  6. Thats good to know, for me thanksgivings involved quite a bit of schoolwork lol. Well it could easily become something like the star war, but we can hope for the best that they find a way to coexist just like the world is not wiped out even with nuclear weapons yet. You cant be so sure of whether you will be alive by then? I mean, what if someone invents a drug that brings you from 70 years old to 20 years old? Never underestimate the greatness of science. XD

    Wow sounds like such an enjoyable trip, guess thats worth the fatigue you got? ^^ umm why not? You aint into this kind of things? I see, its indeed bad when you aint having enough sleep, especially for someone like you desperately trying to adjust her biological clock? Guess winter break is your only hope then. I am not sure if my father is ready to take the responsibility of 'saving' this many people, but perhaps he will be honored. XD I do plan to be an engineer, but not a pure engineer since someday I still wish to be involved with the management department. Engineering is too laborious a job when you hit 40.

    Yeah, actually for most it is a hobby. The problem is that you cant expect them to stay with you till the very end, especially with a long-term project. You have to get used to people come and go, which isnt an easy thing when you lose a valuable staff. Your teacher was absolutely right, unfortunately in this world there's no happiness without a good job. No worries, I try my best to give people who visit me a pleasant time, after all they are all I have left with this forum. ^^

    You were like 14-15 back then, of course you must've grown a lot. Not like someone as old as me whose life is like, static? XD You are very welcome, I just speak how I truly feel. If wes comes on I will still tell him at the face that he is not a capable admin, and never will be lol. I wont lie at this point. XD You are a great member and staff, there's no doubt about it. *hugs* Actually for undergraduates assignments still play more important rule than projects, especially for the first three years. The tough part of being a graduate student is that, well, the workload aint consistent. Sometimes you get ridiculously busy, in other occasions you dont have much work to do, which makes difficult for you to adjust. Guess your parents do treat you as a big girl now, which is good isnt it? Looks like you had so much fun. ^^

    Indeed, thats what makes the game awesome. I mean, it feels so real, not like some kind of evil god appearing out of nowhere just to haunt people. The story? You mean Tales of Symphonia? Well the hero started as just some mediocre swordsman, but he grows a lot in his journey. In the end, he was actually the son of a 4000 years old Seraph(who's physical age is just about 28 though). XD

    haha it deserves much higher than 3.5, guess people just aint appreciating some things we do. This cant be helped, everyone is biased to some extent. Well you dont need to go and meet someone like that? You can change your own name to that if you really dig it, although you have to somehow convince your parents for that.
  7. It's okay :D I've made a lot of progress getting into this year and I know I'm not done with getting better :) I'm just going to keep going and strive to get top chairs in every band I audition for next year :)
    Haha, but your name isn't Lauren, that I know of XD But you also don't play clarinet, that I'm aware of XD
    Yeah! but that's only if that friend actually cares for and respects me back XD Which unfortunately, I don't have many of those XD

    It was just too sweet for my liking XD Pumpkin pie is just supposed to be a mellow pumpkin flavored pie, not cinnamon over load XD nah, I don't hang with the wrong crowd, I'm forced to because my school provides me nothing else. And religion, that's the real suckish part about living in the bible belt of america. the bible thumpers think it's all good to push it left and right. ><
  8. All-state honor band auditions are this coming weekend :) Hopefully I pull a 4 for 4 and make the band :D If not, I'll be just fine with making it to second round for finals :D
    My tutor called me a young grasshopper today XD made me smile when I read yours XD
    I care for my friends D: Like craziness! I'm probably the first person to go to the hospital if one of my friends were in one XD

    Stuffing is pretty fantastic, not gonna lie :D and we buy the premade and prespiced mix in cans, but she decided there wasn't enough cinnamon even though there was more than plenty XD Haha, oh Carna XD You know me too well~! With my gambling sprees and all~! I respect religion until people take it and try to put it down my throat ._. Which pretty much everyone in this bible thumping town does it but the catholics ._. I respect them, but as soon as they bring up in conversation, I'm out XD
  9. Thank you so much Carna, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving too. ^^

    Well terraforming is a process that may take centuries or even millenniums, so we definitely cannot damage the earth way too fast so that its destroyed before we begin colonizing other planets. Well if aliens do exist, we earthlings sure can pull imperialism on them if they are underdeveloped. But if they are overdeveloped, well, the table will turn. XD

    umm so you've been on a journey, sounds pretty cool though I can see how tiring it is. Maybe you will find a way to reverse your biological clock by winter break, its too early to tell. XD Yeah my father is one of a kind, I guess maybe he should offer himself to a research program for scientists to study how his body and mind work to enable such fast sleep. Well multitasking is a skill for businessmen, guess I am just better off as a pure engineer?

    Yeah you got the point girlie, its not like enthusiasts are definitely inferior to professionals in terms of skills. Some just do not choose the path to make a living on game development, perhaps they have better things to do that earn them more money. Lets say, if you own a gigantic farmland? XD You do not have to push yourself for that, just try your best to support as much as you can. Every little effort is appreciated, especially for someone I consider friend. ^^ *hugs*

    I understand that, you did seem to be somewhat way too cautious back then, glad it is a different story now. Perhaps promoting you to a Mod did help, but hey it was not me playing favoritism that you became a Mod. Give yourself some credits for being active, kind and dedicated. XD Projects are part of our daily lives as graduate students, this wont change and I dont see how it should be changed. I chose to become a graduate student, thats what I have been expecting anyway. And if you dont mind me asking, how did you like your trip to vegas so far?

    Yeah, Lord Yggdrasill is such a tragic character. A typical tales final boss though, in tales series the final boss/main antagonist usually aint completely evil for no reason, they have a sad background story and a certain event turned them from good to bad. Sometimes they are just trying to save the world, though the method is usually cruel and unrealistic. Sometimes they act on hatred of what people did to them in the past. At times you cant really tell in an absolute sense whos right or wrong, thats what makes tales series so entertaining.

    And guess what? I found this article about the name 'Carnelia', you may want to read it a bit? XD I gave it a 5 star rating, too bad it didnt affect the overall rating by much...
    Gender predictor | Carnelia - Meaning of the name Carnelia
  10. lol We still celebrate it. I have issues with a bunch of holidays, but I still do stuff on them. Yeah, that's true about Mysidia. Out of curiosity, do you happen to have any IM clients? Or other forums you frequent? lol I don't like to think of myself as being super smart or anything. That leads to arrogance, which is a trait I try to avoid.

    Good point. That's why I like video game tropes. Since a potential career path for me is game development, reading about the various tropes helps with story and character development. lol It would be kind of hard to explain, you have to experience it.
    It took me forever to find this, I hope you enjoy it: Madness - Why I'm Upset With Makorra

    Well the other thing is the TV in my room isn't hooked up to the cable. Only the living room TV is (well, and the one in my parent's room, but I don't go in there). I don't really spend much time in the living room. SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, etc. are a load of BS. If they start governing the Internet, there will be anarchy of some sort. I can guarantee it.

    I don't watch a whole lot of anime. I like anime, I just don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I also like, "Shit Tyrone, Get It Together." xD

    Dang straight. 8|

    That's a shame. You seem like you articulate yourself well, I bet you'd be a great RPer. Yeah, the admin of the forum is super organized.
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