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I'd Snark That ;)

Snarks is in a University

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Wow! It's been a while! Between my last blog entry and now, I graduated high school and started going to college. It's really weird to be on my own, but it's also refreshing. I no longer feel awful when I wake up in the morning because I'm anxious about attending school. I'm in a new place with new people who are just like me and it's exhilarating! I'm currently a Music Business major and playing in my college's marching band (meaning I pretty much lose my weekends). I also pre-ordered Pokemon Omega Ruby! Don't even say you guys didn't see that coming!
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    Congrats Snarks! Hey hey it's your best bud Sabrina here like three years since I've been here. It's been ages since I think you've last been here too, but if you ever see this, definitely know that I'm super excited for you and I know you're doing very well wherever you are. Happy 2016.

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