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Okay, so it's been a while since this forum was last up! I have lots of exciting updates though!

So last we were together, I was getting ready for marching band! My school decided on taking a more serious approach to marching band and attend a state marching contest. My school didn't place, but I've never been more stoked to be in a marching band! Being a drum major was also the greatest time I've ever had as well!

This past winter, I had my last coronation concert. At this concert, the band queen, who was voted on earlier in the year, will be crowned and presented her queen sweater. I was voted band queen and I've never felt more beautiful in my life!

I auditioned for for four honor bands again this year and finally, after 3 years, I made every band I auditioned for. For my all region band, I made it into the top ten chairs (ten chairs better than last year) on b-flat clarinet, I got first chair on e-flat clarinet, and first alternate on bass clarinet and passed on to second round all state on all three instruments.

I made third chair on b flat and first on e flat clarinet at my small school Allstate honor band! This means that I will also receive a medal for three-year membership of this honor band along with receiving a plaque commemorating my membership at the end of the year spring concert!

I am also a first chair b-flat clarinetist for a smaller less prestigious honor band! At this band, I will also be receiving a three-year membership medal!

The final honor band I made is the most prestigious honor any student can receive in band, and that is membership in the All-state honor band. I have never made the band before and this was the last year I had to audition for it. As previously stated, I auditioned on b-flat, e-flat, and bass clarinet. For the first time, I passed on to final round on b flat clarinet (e-flat and bass only had one round). In the end, I received first chair e-flat clarinet in the all state symphonic band! I do not know where I placed on the other two that I auditioned on, but my membership was guaranteed! Just like for small school Allstate, I will be receiving a plaque at the end of the year spring concert to commemorate my membership of this band!

My last first semester of high school was very successful and I've already been accepted into college for the fall semester! :) I hope I get to talk to some of my forum friends soon!

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    Yeah I brought back this forum after realizing that the webhost suspended it. It was annoying I have to say, I usually end up yelling at them whenever this happens. The fact is that there have been hundreds of thousands of emails being sent to my Pokemon Mysidia's email address, and each email counts as a file. The host only allows 200k files to be stored on an account like this one, so I ended up deleting 145k emails to free up the space. This solves the problem.

    Good to know you are doing okay. ^^

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