• Lord HOF's 2nd Official Tourney's Semifinals list

    Finally, the four quarter finals battles are all completed. The results are:

    No.1 Bullet 6-2 No.9 Olivia
    No.5 Void 6-0 No.4 Batman
    No.6 TrashTNT 6-1 No.14 Drake Kazama
    No.10 Dazza 4-6 No.18 Jamangie

    No.1 seed Bullet advanced after No.9 Olivia forfeited the game with a 6-2 victory. No.5 seed Void swept No.4 seed Batman in a game that was forecast to be much closer. No.6 seed TrashTNT started slow, but eventually managed to overpower No.14 Drake Kazama with an impressive 6-1 win. The battle between No.10 Dazza and No.18 Jamangie was much more intense, with Dazza falling at the very end of the game. Congrats to the winners of these games, it is a huge step to make to the semifinals. Jamangie, the Cinderella, has become the first lower-half ranked player to enter semifinals(last year's darkhorses all fell in Quarter finals).

    The semifinals shall begin at any time after tonight, but the Head Admin Arctic Eclipse will be recording videos for each battle. The winners will advance to the Mysidian Finals, while the losers shall play a 3rd place game. Best luck to whoever left in the tourney. The matchups are:

    No.1 Bullet vs No.5 Void
    No.6 TrashTNT vs No.18 Jamangie

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