• Increase Posting Guys!

    Posting this new article just to test things out and to encourage members of Mysidia to post more! Posting is a great way to get to know others, spark interesting conversations and increase chances for rewards. Make sure your posts don't break the rules! Also make more threads! Make the threads interesting and something that will start up a conversation.

    Within the new few days I will be rewarding users who do this and also we will be getting our arcade back and have more arcade related events. Also we will be introducing a Market to Mysidia that has a lot of cool features that you buy with Mysidian Dollars that you receive by posting! So get to it guys :D.
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    1. Hall of Famer's Avatar
      Hall of Famer -
      Sure DA, I will be supporting you on this. The market feature is already here, and the arcade we can have it back. I am probably too busy to add arcade games myself, but since you have ftp access you should be able to do it yourself. Its not hard at all, just a bit tedious since you have to add all games one by one.

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