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The Life and Times of Zappyspiker

  1. Summer so I'm back :D

    I just finished exams not to long ago so it's currently summer here! So shall be on here a lot more :D
  2. Sooo many things happenin I need to blog XD

    So psyched since I haven't travelled outta NZ since I was 9 and haven't been to USA since I was 5. I'm also going to Philippines and Australia as well.

    Places I'll probably be visiting will be mostly on the West Coast since my family live in LA and San Francisco but I'll probably be visiting Hollywood, Washington DC and Las Vagas. So yea pretty excited but I've got half a year to kill.

    --------- ...
  3. Need your opinion

    Ok so I decided not to make this a thread in the art gallery because I'm probably gonna make a better one later with more pieces. But aside from working with the styles in my breaks I've been working on icons - Because I suck at them the most.
    So I decided to try out for a PC icon of the week to see if how I did my icons was appealing.
    The theme for this week was celebrity. I had no trouble make the icon but I can't decide which to enter.

  4. The hardness of school life as it is

    So you've probably been wondering where I've these last weeks. I never thought that the Year 12s of last year were actually right but this year has really been the toughest year at school so far. To be honest it's more like a continuation of last year (I guess it's cause I've only got 3 weeks left before term break).

    Handball has been amazing since I started playing. I found a new found skill of being goalie (Which I find amazing that I can play well without the use ...
  5. My epic busyness for the past few weeks

    So I've been slightly busy these past 3-ish weeks. What you guy's would call your Junior Year, my first Senior Year (Last two years of school you are known as seniors) was a lot more stressing than I expected.
    Even though I had my first year of NCEA last Year (Kinda Like SATs I think but differnt-ish XD)

    I was still really relaxed. I got my first project from ICT (Computers ) last Tuesday and it was a lot harder than I had expected it to be. Due Today, I spent my previous nights ...
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