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Stuff of Myth and Legend

I expect the blog will be full of mostly random mutterings, but main themes will probably be...
School, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Ancient Greek Mythology.

  1. I just ate a bug.

    A locust, to be exact. Had a chocolate covered scorpion, too.

    This evening was my friend's birthday party, and she took us out to a restaurant in London which sells quite exotic foods.

    So, tonight, for the first time, I ate:
    • Crocodile
    • Ostrich
    • Zebra
    • Kangaroo
    • Gnu
    • Locust
    • Scorpion

    They were all quite tasty, really. I never thought I'd eat a bug, but it was actually easier to eat a locust than I thought. It was surprisingly crunchy, and
  2. Birthday Greetings

    WOAH. So much has happened lately I'm not sure where to start.

    First, it's my birthday. Yup. I'm not telling my age, though.
    Went back to school after study leave/exams today. Starting next year's syllabus, and it's so exciting!

    The reason I'm back to school is because my year has had exams. The last one was yesterday, but my last one was on the 27th of May, so I've had some good time away from studying hard.

    Looking forward to next year's
  3. A hesitant triumphant return

    to stardom.

    Anyways, was it really three weeks ago I resigned as S-Mod. My my, doesn't time fly? ANYWAY, what I wanted to say was this - I should be more active from now on. Chances are I'll never be as active as I once was, but hopefully more active than I have been.

    I've joined the writer's union, so watch this space for some new writing, if school gives me the chance.

    I'll be away Thursday - Monday. Just so you know, if you're nosy enough to read
  4. ~Fwoosh

    For all of you who can't access the staff section to see my resignation post - well, I've resigned as S-Mod. Um, yeah. Sorry it took me so long!

    School's been the thing on my mind recently. I have to focus on it. I just do.
    I miss you lot. I really do. But there you go.

    Goodbye and good luck, everyone! If I come back, I'll just be a regular old member - so see you then. ^__^

  5. Inactivity

    So, yeah. About time I addressed my inactivity.

    School. Plain and simple, I've got a lot going on.
    School right now is so wonderful. This year I've really come into my own, and I'm working harder than ever. I've finally found my niche, and school has so much to offer at the moment that I can't afford to be lax.
    I love all you very much (mostly :P), and I'm sorry I've been so inactive and will continue to stay that way for the forseeable future. I'll try to get online ...
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