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  1. Moving... Depression... ect...

    Well, as you all knew I was supposed to be moving but now it's confirmed. We have been served an eviction notice and have to be out in 8 days. We don't even know if we'll find a home, I found one that looks promising but it's in another city so big adjustment. I definitely won't be able to come on much if at all for a little while due to loss of internet access. I'll come on whenever I can and be back as soon as I can. We are going to look at the house after my Homebound teacher leaves tomorrow. ...
  2. Laptop...

    Well, it seems like we might finally have the money to get someone to repair my laptop after way too long of a wait. If all goes according to plan it will be fixed tomorrow. I might even be able to run to Gamestop to finish paying off my copy of Dissidia 2 before it comes out on the 22nd. So yeah, I'm happy as can be right now after being so depressed.
  3. My Laptop Hates Me...

    So I finally got my charger in the Mail and couldn't be happier. Well woundn't you know it, I get a blue screen. But the thing is, I can't even have it on for a few seconds without the damned blue sreen. I may have to start all over again so that means no teams, photoshop, nothing. I might be able to have the data pulled but it's not 100%. So yeah...
  4. This Monday! Monday! MONDAY!

    Well, I called Geek Squad on Friday and they told me that my Charger should arrive at my house on Monday. If all things go correct, I should be doing quite a bit of stuff. A rough list of my planned activities include:
    1. Two new themes, a Kamitsure one for myself and a Zoroark requested by Kajj from Reborn.
    2. A rough guide on making your own themes and possibly a Livestream tutorial.
    3. A quick run through of the Photoshop basics for newcomers to the program such as Batl Skard.
    4. Banner requests
  5. Bestbuy is Full of Fucking Morons.

    Well as some of you know, my laptop charger got screwed up after we had a power surge. So we took it up there to the store because we had bought a 2year warranty. Things were all good at first, customer service told me to go the Computers department, so I took the thing back there and the man working back there at the time told me it was covered and we could just swap it out with one they had in-store. I took the one he gave me, my warranty receipt, and the malfunctioning one back to customer service ...
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