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  1. B-day

    Okay. First off I live in Michigan, not Italy.

    Secondly I dont only blog when Im mad.

    Third. My relationship status with Summer is from now on private. I'm not disscussing how good/bad things are going except with close friends. I'm just a little bit tired of it being dramatized by the entire server. (There's enough drama as is.)


    Today we went to the Renaissance fair! It was lovely~

    The first thing I noticed were the wench ...
  2. STOP the TROLLS

    Ok. I'm not about to call this place a trolly shithole like most people do when they do this. I like Mysidia.

    Everyone knows I'm in a relationship with Summer that is online. And it is serious. Sometimes people tease us and make jokes. I find it hurtful but I overlook it. But lately this has been getting out of hand.

    Wes is the worst of all. I routinely ignore him every time I log on. A short while ago I came on and he repeatedly troll-whored himself at me. Several times ...
  3. Fantasy

    I think my mom is serious about writing a series about magic forest people.

    Ive listened to some of it and its ok. Still I wonder if using christian undertones is a good idea...

    My POH is doing nicely. I'm glad. (firmer eat ur heart out)

    Homemade alfredo sauce>>>>>>>>>store bought.

    Bowtie pasta, lobster tails and shrimp. Add some spinach and hard Asagio. My mouth is watering!
  4. REALLY pissed off.....

    Everyone likes winning. Nobody likes losing. It's just or psychology. It doesn't mean we're poor sports or anything if we don't like to lose. We're just normal.

    Every time someone leaves New Rome, my companions look at their friend walking away from everything to go join The Gang or The Deadly Spartans, and they say to themselves, "Rome is dying now..."

    Rome won't die because of a single person. Not even because of Nicholas leaving for Ds. We're huge. We may ...
  5. So many servers.....

    I explored some other servers today with my blossoming UU team.

    I ended up frustrated and pissed.

    I'll list my complaints here.

    PO: too many people, too many tiers. And the people were chatting about stupid things lI did pretty good, but the usage base made raiku, zapdos, arcanine, azelf, milotic, hitmonlee, zoroark and other OU pokemon UU. It sucked hard.

    Smogon: Once again a crapload of people. And the UU tier sucked, with all those things ...
    PO Server
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