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Dark Abyss's Blogs of the dark

Here you can read my blogs and find out more about my everyday life and the crazy things I do.

  1. Concussion?

    Well I was playing basketball 2 on 2. My opponent passed his teammate the ball and I jumped to intercept the pass but I couldn't and just flicked the ball on my opponent's path with my left hand and when we were both in the air he didn't get the ball so as he dropped from his jump he elbowed me right in my eye and I fell back. I didn't think it was concussion worthy but my Coach said he was scared of how I fell because it did look like I got a concussion.

    So I got checked out of ...
  2. Narrated Battle Video

    My channel

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  3. Laptop?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

    I'm so happy and excited because I might be getting a laptop very soon :D! I currently have 75$ and I can get maybe get a decent one for 150$ and for Christmas all I'm hopefully getting is money so I should have enough for a laptop :D.
  4. Soccer

    Yesterday I played soccer with some adults and it was really fun. The only bad thing about yesterday was falling on my ankle a bit and it hurts a bit when I walk but I'm fine other than that. The coach of the team said that if I wanted to join the team and I said yeah so I'm probably going to start playing soccer with adults now :D.
  5. Christmas Break~

    Tomorrow might be my last day of school for this semester or else Wednesday will be it depending on when I take my 2 finals. Yay for now more school.

    During my break I have a few goals to reach. They include

    - Complete 50% or more in the AbilitiyDex.
    - Get back into OU battling and reach a 50+ OU ladder ranking on the leaderboard.
    - Have a good break and Christmas with my family.
    - Enjoy lots of time here on Mysidia and host some hopefully interesting ...
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