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  1. Mysidia Breakdown: A comprehensive review over past mistakes in staff promotion

    Well it is been a while that I remained silent over the past few months of what happened on this place. It used to be active and prosperous, but what we have left now is nothing but an empty shell. So heartrending to let this place go like this, when you know things could've ended up completely differently.

    I keep the forum open, even after I have officially announced the end of an era. There were memories that I could not erase, especially those good ones. I've been thinking about ...
  2. What's coming for PokeMansion v1.9

    PokeMansion v1.9 is coming soon! Too bad I do not have any preview screenshots to show anyone of you at this moment, but a list of new features is definitely available here:

    1. Daycare System: You can store up to two of your pokemon at daycare center. It charges you money if your pokemon's level rises during this period. Of course, the longer it stays are daycare center, the greater chance it becomes stronger. Also, the higher level your pokemon already has, the harder it is to gain ...
  3. Yamoto's Mock Bracket

    I just had an interview for our expert A Yamoto, as he predicted the outcome in each round of this tourney. Wanna know whom he pick to win the game? Read carefully and he has his reasons for it:

    1st Round:
    No. 16 Matty vs No.17 Sazaraki
    GalladeTrainer: My votes on Matty.
    No. 9 Teabag vs No.24 Niden
    This one is over already...
    No.13 Gostly vs No.20 [FB]Tyson
    GalladeTrainer: Gostly, if I recall.
    No.12 Andrea vs No.21 [Mys]Zachary[ET]

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